What SpreadStack is all About?

SpreadStack’s mission is to help you master the in-and-out of Google spreadsheet tool to improve your personal and professional talent stack.

Recently, the best-selling author of atomic habit James Clear tweeted “The two skills of modern business: Storytelling and Spreadsheets. Know the numbers, Craft the narrative.”

Spreadsheet knowledge is a meta-skill that can boost your work productivity, career prospect and give you new opportunities.

James clear tweet about storytelling and spreadsheets

Only for professionals? Not at all… Learning spreadsheets can also help you organize and analyze complicated life problems, improve decisions and enhance personal productivity.

While you can start using the Google spreadsheet tool with very little experience, things start getting confusing when you want to arrange, sort, analyze or derive a useful conclusion from your data.

This is where SpreadStack comes into the picture. Here you’ll get easy-to-understand tutorials, templates, and videos that will help you create and manage your spreadsheets in the most effective & efficient manner.

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Man Behind SpreadStack

Hello! My name is Shivam and I’m so excited you stumbled across our site! I am a commerce graduate student living in New Delhi, India.

I have been using spreadsheet tools (especially Excel, now shifted to Google Sheets) for so many years now. From creating my study time schedule to managing my freelance projects — spreadsheet has been one of the most powerful & useful tools in my life.


Where to get Started?

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How to get in touch with us?

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