How to Change Default Font in Google Sheets (5 Easy Step)

Bored with Google Sheets default 'Arial' font? Follow this tutorial to change the default font in Google Sheets...

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Are you tired of the same default “Arial” font you’ve been using since you first started using Google Sheets?

Don’t worry! You are not alone…

Many spreadsheet users don’t pay attention to the font until they realize that there are plenty of options for fonts in Google Sheets.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to change the font in Google Sheets as well as how to set a default font in Google Sheets (so that you don’t have to select your favorite font every time you open a new worksheet.)

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive in…

How to Change Font in Google Sheets?

If you are someone who likes to use different fonts on different spreadsheets, changing it from the toolbar menu should be the most appropriate option.

For example, let’s say I have the following spreadsheet with the default “Arial” font and now I want to change the default font to “Lato” to match the font I am using right now on this blog.

Google Sheets Default font

Here are the exact steps you need to follow in order to change Google Sheets font from the toolbar menu:

  1. Open your spreadsheet and select a range of cells you want to modify.
A1 to D11

NOTE: If you want to change the font of the whole spreadsheet, simply press “CTRL + A” on your keyboard to select all the cells in your sheet.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the default font (Arial) at the toolbar.
change font in Google Sheets
  1. Select a new font from the available ones in the drop-down menu.
Change default fonts in google sheets
  1. If you don’t find your favorite font in the drop-down menu, simply click on the More Fonts option appearing at the top of drop-down menu.
More fonts in Google Sheets
  1. This will open the Google Fonts library (with over 2100 fonts). Now you can either scroll through the list to discover some good fonts or directly enter your favorite font name in the search box to find the desired font.

Once you find your favorite font, simply select it and click on ‘ok‘ button.

Google Sheets fonts

That’s it… The above steps would instantly change the font.

Change default font in Google Sheets

How to Set Default Font in Google Sheets?

When you want to stick with a single font (other than the default one), it can be tedious to change the font every time you create a new spreadsheet.

Although Google Sheets has yet not introduced a straightforward feature where you can set the default font for all your future Google spreadsheets, there is a workaround to use your favorite font in every new Google spreadsheet.

Google Sheets has a feature called “themes” that lets you set color, style as well as font for your entire spreadsheet.

Here is how it works:

  1. Open a blank spreadsheet and click on the Format option appearing in top menu.
format option in Google Sheets
  1. Choose Theme from the drop-down menu.
Theme in Google Sheets
  1. This will open a theme box on the right side of your sheet. In the theme box, you’ll see some premade theme that you can quickly select and edit.
Theme settings in Google Sheets
  1. Since we want to create our own custom theme, just select any one of theme and click on the Customize button appearing at the top.
Customize theme settings in Google Sheets
  1. Next, click on the Font dropdown and select the font you want to use as the default font for your spreadsheet.
Google Sheets font settings
  1. Finally, click on the Done button.
save google sheets theme

That’s it… Now the default font for your spreadsheet will be the one you’ve selected in the previous step.

The above default font is only limited to your current spreadsheet, But, what if you want to use the same font as your default font in every new sheet?

Well, follow the simple workaround:

  1. Save the above spreadsheet with the name Custom Theme. This theme will have your preferred custom style, color and font.
set default font in google sheets
  1. Now every time you want the same default settings, simply open the “custom theme” spreadsheet and make a copy of it with a new name and use it as any regular Google Sheets.
Make a copy of sheet

Final Thought:

Changing the font in Google Sheets is quite a straightforward task.

You can either change the font from the format bar menu or create a custom theme with your favorite font.

Let me know which method to change default font in Google Sheets you found more convenient?

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