How to Insert Text Box in Google Sheets (In 5 Easy Steps)

Customize spreadsheet by inserting text boxes to highlight specific informations...

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Adding a text box in Google Sheets may seem odd, considering the layout of a spreadsheet and the use of this tool.

However, there can be situations where “text box” can be a useful tool to call attention to certain areas or add visual interest to your spreadsheet.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add text box in Google Sheets as well as format it properly to make it visually appealing.

But, before that…

01. What is a Text Box in Google Sheets?

A text box is an object that gives you the flexibility to enter the text without disrupting the data and layout within your spreadsheet. It essentially overlays on the layout of your spreadsheet and makes it easy to draw attention to a specific cell, row, column, or section of the spreadsheet.

Now that you know what is a text box, it’s time to learn how to insert text box in Google Sheets:

02. How to Insert Text Box in Google Sheets?

  1. Open the spreadsheet you want to work in.
Open spreadsheet document
  1. Click on Insert and select Drawing from the drop-down menu.
Insert drawing in Google Sheets
  1. In the Drawing dialog box that opens, click the Text Box command (a little square box with a capital T inside it)
Insert text box in Google Sheets
  1. Click and hold the left mouse key and then drag your mouse to create a box shape in drawing area. Release the mouse button when you are ready to create the text box.
Add text box in Google Sheets

Note – You can always adjust the size and placement of the text box by dragging one of the border points of your text box.

  1. Now double click on the text box and type your desired text.
Insert text box in Google Sheets
  1. Finally, Click on the Save and Close button appearing at the top right corner of drawing box.
Save text Box in Google Sheets

That’s it… The text box will appear in your Google Spreadsheet.

Inserting Text Box in Google Sheets

Note – As mentioned earlier also, Text Box work as an object in your Google Sheets document. This means you can move and place it anywhere within your spreadsheet.

03. How to Format Text Box in Google Sheets?

You can have also format (or customize) the text box using the Drawing menu. The drawing menu bar lets you add a border, change font, size, color, as well as modify the alignment & style of the text inside the text box.

Let’s discuss the important text formating options one by one:

1 Changing the Background Colour of Text Box

Adding a background color to your text box is a great way to make it stand out.

To add a background color, just select the text box >> click on Fill Colour icon >> and choose your preferred color.

Add background color to text box in Google Sheets

If you don’t want to go with a solid color, you can also navigate to Gradient section and choose a premade gradient or create a custom one.

Gradient in Google sheets text box

2 Adding Border to the Text Box

Want to add a border to your text box?

It is super easy…

Just select your text box >> click on Border Weight and select a weight from the drop-down options list.

Add border to text box in Google Sheets

Don’t like the default border color (black)?

No problem… Just click on Border Colour icon appearing in the top menu and choose your preferred border color.

Change border color of text box in Google Sheets

3 Changing default font of the text box

By default, text inside your text box will appear in Arial font, but you can always change it to your desired font to match your spreadsheet’s original styling.

Just select your text box >> click on Font menu and then select your desired font from the drop-down options.

Select desired font

If you don’t find your desired font in the drop-down list, click on More Fonts option appearing at the top to browse the Google Fonts library.

change font in text box

4 Changing Font size of the text

By default, text inside the text box will appear in 14px of size. You can always increase or decrease the size based on your need.

Here’s how:

First of all, click on the three dot horizontal (more) icon to show other customization options.

more tool in google Sheets

Then click on the Plus or Minus icon to increase or decrease the font size respectively.

Increase font size

5 Change Text Color of Text Box

Don’t you think the Green background and black text color don’t go well together?

We can easily change the text color too…

Just select the text box >> click on Text Colour option and choose your preferred text color. I will go with white color.

Change text color of text box in Google Sheets

6 Changing Alignment of Text

Having the right alignment of text box content is also important to make it look appealing & interesting.

You can horizontally align your content to Left Center or Right, as well as vertically align the content to the Top Middle or bottom

Just select the text box >> open Align menu and select the desired alignment from the drop-down menu.

Change alignment of text box in Google Sheets

There are many other formatting options available in Google Sheets like changing the style of text ( Underline, bold, or italic), as well as you can rotate the text box horizontally or vertically.

customize text box in Google Sheets

Play with each formatting option to get the desired styling of your text box.

04. How to Remove Text Box From Your Google Sheets

Don’t like what you’ve just added to your sheet?

No problem…

Just select the text box in your sheet >> click on the three vertical dots appearing in the right corner of the text box >> and finally select Delete from the drop-down options.

Remove Text Box from Google Sheets

05. Final Thought on Inserting Text Box in Google Sheets:

That’s all there is to it!

Knowing how to insert a text box in Google Sheets can give you an extra tool for situations where the standard spreadsheet (cell, column, and row) layout is insufficient.

Whether you need a text box because you want to add additional context to a data without disrupting the data or use it as a design element in your spreadsheet — you should be able to add a text box without much hassle.

Hope you found this tutorial useful! If you’ve any questions about Google Sheets Text Box, comment down below…

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