How to Remove Underline in Google Sheets (+ Shortcut Key)

No longer need Underlined Text or Numbers? Here's how to get rid of underline in Google Sheets...

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Google Sheets provides you with a number of text styling options for emphasizing certain numbers, text, or cells in your spreadsheet.

You might choose to bold text, italicize it, or you could choose to underline it.

As discussed in our previous tutorial, underlining the numbers can be a great way to highlight important data in your spreadsheet.

But, what if you no longer need underlining? No Problem… You can easily get rid of underlining from your Google Sheets.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to remove underline in Google Sheets (step-by-step.)

How To Remove Underline In Google Sheets?

Let’s say cell B3 in our spreadsheet has an underlined text “SpreadStack Blog

Underlined in google sheets

Here’s how we can remove the underline in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the cell (or cell range) containing the underlined text.
Remove underline from text in Google Sheets
  1. Click on the format option appearing in the top menu.
Format text google sheets
  1. Click on Text and choose Underline option from the drop-down menu.
Underline text in Google Sheets

That’s it… The above steps will instantly remove the underline from the text.

Remove underline from text in Google Sheets

Keyboard Shortcut to Remove Underline in Google Sheets

As shared in our previous tutorial, you can press Ctrl + U on your keyboard to underline a text in Google Sheets.

The same shortcut key can be used to remove the underline too. All you need to do is just select the underlined text and press Ctrl + U on your keyboard.


Final Thought on Removing Undeline:

Underling is definitely a great formatting feature to draw extra attention to specific words or numbers in your spreadsheet.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a tech geek for using this formatting feature.

Simply use the shortcut key Ctrl + U to add as well as remove underline in Google Sheets.

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