How to Unhide Rows in Google Sheets (in Just 1-Click)

Did you hide some rows, but need to bring them back into view? Here's how to unhide rows in google sheets...

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Managing a spreadsheet can be difficult, especially when it contains hundreds (or thousands) of rows.

That’s where hiding things comes in.

Google Sheets allows you to hide certain rows so you can concentrate on only those that matter. Just highlight a row >> right-click on it >> and select hide row from the popup menu.

Wait a minute! If you hide a row, will you be able to get them back?

Of course, Yes… When you hide a row, it is not permanently deleted from your sheet, instead, it is just simply hidden from the view.

In this Google Sheets tutorial, I will show you how to spot hidden rows in Google Sheets, as well as how to unhide rows in Google Sheets.

Let’s get into it…

01. How to Spot Hidden Rows in Google Sheets?

Here are some signs that indicate there are some hidden rows in your Google Sheets:

  1. First obivious sign is the absence of certain consecutive row numbers from your spreadsheet. For example, in the image below, rows starts from 1, 2, 3 and then directly jump to 6, 7, 8… That means row number 4 and 5 are hidden.
spot hidden rows in Google Sheets
  1. Secondly, if you scan all the rows in your sheets carefully, you’ll notice arrows in the rows above and below (as shown in image below) that signify that there are hidden rows in between.
show hidden rows google sheets

02. How To Unhide Rows in Google Sheets?

As mentioned above, when you hide a row (or rows), an arrow (caret icons) appears on the border between the adjacent hidden row.

The quickest way to unhide those hidden rows is to click on one of the two arrows. This will quickly unhide the hidden rows.

how to unhide rows in Google Sheets

03. How To Show hidden Rows in Google Sheets (for larger dataset)

The above method is great if you have a few hidden rows and you can spot which rows are hidden in your spreadsheet.

But, what if you receive a large spreadsheet from your colleague which has hundreds of hidden rows?

Don’t worry!

In such cases, you can unhide all hidden rows at once without even spotting them manually.

Here is how:

  1. First, select the range of row numbers which may have hidden rows in between.. To select multiple rows, click on the row number above the first hidden row and then press and hold the Shift key and select the row number below the last hidden row.

For example, in our case, there are multiple hidden rows between row numbers 1 and 13. So, I have selected all the rows between 1 and 13.

select hidden rows in Google Sheet
  1. Right-click anywhere within the selected range and select ‘Unhide rows’.
see hidden rows in Google Sheets

That’s it… As you can see all the hidden rows are now visible in our sheet.

unhide rows in Google Spreadsheet

04. How To Unhide Filtered Rows in Google Sheets?

Have you unhidden all the rows, still some data in your spreadsheet are missing?

This can be the result of “filters” being applied to your spreadsheet.

The filtering feature in Google Sheets helps display relevant data by eliminating the irrelevant rows (or entries) temporarily from the view.

You can tell if a spreadsheet is using filters by the filter icon appearing in the cells. In the image below, the filter is applied based on the column “F.”

Filter used in Google Sheets

Fortunately, you can easily remove the filter by opening the “data” dropdown menu and then selecting the “remove filter” option from the sub-drop-down options.

remove filter from Google Sheets

This will remove all the filters and make every row visible in your spreadsheet.


05. Final Thought on Showing Hidden rows in Google Sheets:

When your spreadsheet starts getting difficult to look at, hiding some less important rows will make your sheet easier to scan and less difficult to work with.

Fortunately, hiding the rows in Google Sheets is quite easy. At the same time, unhiding the rows to bring them back in view is also quite easy in Google Sheets

In this tutorial, I have shown you 4 different ways to unhide rows in Google Sheets. Use one of the above methods which suit your present scenario.

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